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Why Host Your Cloud Server With Us?

Simple, our proprietary software and infrastructure use the leading web cloud technology partners like Google, Amazon AWS and Linode for Reliability, Cost-Effective and technologically Advanced.

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Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Host your website on the fastest and most reliable hosting powered by the industry leading partner services.

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Cloud Server Pricing

Adjustable & Transparent Pricing

Develop Locally & Globally. Pay as you go plans that work for your business. Choose your location & deploy.

Our Pricing

Standard VPS Servers

Virtual Cloud Servers With Balanced Power and Performance that support a wide range of cloud applications. From personal projects to enterprise applications

Standard VPS 2G2 GB1 Core50 GB2 TB$35.00 / month
Standard VPS 4G4 GB2 Core80 GB4 TB$50.00 / month
Standard VPS 8G8 GB4 Core160 GB5 TB$90.00 / month
Standard VPS 16G16 GB6 Core320 GB8 TB$150.00 / month
Standard VPS 32G32 GB8 Core640 GB16 TB$250.00 / month
Standard VPS 64G64 GB16 Core1280 GB20 TB$470.00 / month
Standard VPS 96G96 GB20 Core1920 GB20 TB$680.00 / month
Standard VPS 128G128 GB24 Core2560 GB20 TB$860.00 / month
Standard VPS 192G192 GB32 Core3840 GB20 TB$1,205.00 / month

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Virtual Machines For CPU-Intensive Applications such as video encoding, machine learning, and data analytics processing.

Dedicated 4G4 GB2 Core80 GB4 TB$70.00 / month
Dedicated 8G8 GB4 Core160 GB5 TB$110.00 / month
Dedicated 16G16 GB8 Core320 GB6 TB$220.00 / month
Dedicated 32G32 GB16 Core640 GB7 TB$440.00 / month
Dedicated 64G64 GB32 Core1280 GB8 TB$880.00 / month
Dedicated 96G96 GB48 Core1920 GB9 TB$1,120.00 / month
Dedicated 128G128 GB50 Core2500 GB10 TB$1,205.00 / month
Dedicated 256G256 GB56 Core5000 GB11 TB$2,820.00 / month
Dedicated 512G512 GB64 Core7200 GB12 TB$4,840.00 / month

High Memory Servers

Optimized for high memory databases and caches, perfect for high-performance querying, and enterprise-level database solution.

High Memory 24G24 GB1 Core20 GB5 TB$110.00 / month
High Memory 48G48 GB2 Core40 GB6 GB$220.00 / month
High Memory 90G90 GB4 Core90 GB7 Tb$440.00 / month
High Memory 150G150 GB8 Core200 GB8 TB$880.00 / month
High Memory 300G300 GB16 Core340 GB9 TB$1,205.00 / month


Robust Servers for Hosting Websites and Applications

Our Hosting range offers balanced configurations for web hosting with high availability, high volumes of traffic, security, and data backups.


Standardized Platform Worldwide

Enhance the capabilities of your cloud servers on demand

Our Services



Keeping your site and customers secure, accept payments with ease with HTTPS Auto SSL Certificates



We’ll move your site to our hosting, as long as your current provider uses cPanel for free within hours.



99.9% Server Uptime & our cloud hosting is built specifically with high availability and redundancy in mind



High-Speed SSD Raid drives allow for fast web page load response time and better site performance



Your site is safe with our world-class support team. Web experts will help you manage and set up your site.



Website data is been automatically backed up daily and secured by NovellHost web services

Helping You Create and Grow Websites to Their Full Potential

high powered hosting

Built to Last

High Powered Web Hosting For Your Unique Needs!


Blazing fast web hosting solution

Whether you have a low traffic site, brand new blog or own a popular business site, NovellHost has got you covered!


Wordpress Managed Hosting Leader

Worry about your Business, Ease your pain remove the stress. WordPress website maintenance to make your life easier.

Unlimited Support & Managed Updates

NovellHost consider our customers our priority and our support team are constantly checking and updating managed business sites for optimal speed.

File Management

Safe and Secure Web Hosting & Backups


Backups and Restore Points

NovellHost backups are kept in a secure location away from our main server. Our secure backup provides a trusted repository for the latest copies of the system and data that can be deployed to restore a known, clean system to operation. Frequent backups are conducted daily off-site.


Network Monitoring

NovellHost constantly monitors the internal network for intrusions and unusual activities. Our diligent monitoring stops server-to-server spread of malware before it gets to the server hosting your site. Our dedicated support team and engineers monitor the network.
hosting backups

SSL, Firewalls, and DDoS Prevention

NovellHost provides SSL certificates available for all websites for safe and secure browsing. We also prevent our network from Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks by implementing a good firewall network monitoring.

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Explore The Right Solutions and Products for your Business

Admin Control

Better Stats. More Control

24 Hour Web Site Monitoring Service. Our support team daily check for sites software updates and backups so consider trying us and you will really know the difference.

Improve your site speed, security, and SEO with automated SSL certificates included in all plans

Protect your site with managed WordPress updates plus threat detection and blocking

Benefit from our award-winning support, which includes an average less-than-three-minute response time

NovellHost ensures your hosting is properly configured for your business and offers real-time security threat detection


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Cloud Hosting

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“ is a fantastic Web host. We have been using since May 2017 and could not be happier with the results. The innovative infrastructure and the level of support and security have saved my company several times not forgetting the increased traffic my company website had without a decreased loading time. Support and security are’s top priority and I love being able to speak with support for any issues with ease. I am an extremely satisfied customer and I give two thumbs up for their services.”

Bob Alavi

CEO, Saba Energy Consulting LLC.

“I had an exceptional customer service and technical support experience with Ali K. I was recommended by my friend who had a site with and was debating whether to signed up with NovellHost while Ali K. assisted me on the process from creating my restaurant site to modifying and fixing site issues. I had an excellent customer service and support and my first experience – an important one – exceeded expectations.”

Remy Le

CEO, Ohana Sushi Ramen LLC

I needed hosting and design for my construction and roofing business, so I contacted and their support was exceptional. Novellhost builds and transfers my website for a minimal cost. I have tried other web hosting companies with no support. After trying other hosting companies with much frustration, I assure you that hosting is lightning-fast. I have my own server for my site and anytime I need help I call and they help me right away.

Rakan Dawood

Contracter, UB Construction Services LLC.

“I spoke with services and the help was phenomenal. I had a business with members and helped me create my company site at no cost to me. I’m not good at setting up or customizing domains, DNS, and cPanel so did help me set up the website infrastructure. support is awesome! Always quick responses, accurate answers, and helpful tips. I haven’t seen server downtime yet which is fantastic. I do like their website which is clean and simple, easy to navigate, and mostly, the affordable prices.”

Vu Nguyen

CEO, Tiger Mini Mart LLC.

“I was looking for a solution and I found They created my website and connected my company email to my domain using G-suite at little to no cost to me. I was surprised how easy to speak with support. web services and Care Plans are awesome. I do not have to worry about updating or worry about any technical issues on the site. I’m not good at setting up or customizing domains, DNS, so help me set up the website. The website, clean and simple, easy to navigate, and mostly the affordable prices.”

William Reed

CEO, Willo Reed Holdings Inc.

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