About Us

Cloud Web Hosting Digital Platform For WordPress Experience

Our Company Mission

Our core values and company mission are to empower and enable our clients to thrive in our services and to give our client the utmost winning digital experience.
We are humbled and inspired by the role we play in the hosting industry.

Our Vision

Our outstanding team is passionate about what we do and we want you to excel in your success.
We go further in resolving your website maintenance and emergency issues. Our team will take care of you for being a NovellHost Customer.

Our Story

Our Approach to Web Hosting is Centered Around Supporting Our Clients & Growing With Our Platform Users

NovellHost started with the idea to innovate and help web hosting clients for a superior experience service by offering high-speed WordPress hosting with WordPress Maintenance and WordPress Emergency.

We have obtained and worked with thousands of customers and clients. During our relationship, we help client maintaining their websites and resolving technical issues. We also have customers come to us for recommendations and ask us what type of servers needed for their business.

We at Novellhost.com decided to create a platform for our future customers with similar web and server problems, knowing that they can contact our support and speak with us on the phone.

NovellHost helps small business clients with superb support resolving their cloud web hosting problem in the background with their website updates, software, backups and many more.

NovellHost also provides customers with free basic Website Maintenance and Emergency Support within the scope of hosting is FREE of charge and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

NovellHost operates and uses private cloud servers with solid-state drives, high availability bandwidth, and powerful processors.

NovellHost platform provides the solutions our clients need to create remarkable WordPress sites That will drive their business forward faster.

Our Values

Cloud Web Hosting Digital Platform For WordPress Experience

Money Back Guarantee

Prepare yourself, you are going to love our support and services! Remember we do offer a Hassle Free Money Back Guarantee; No contracts and you can cancel at any time.

24/7 Award Winning Support

NovellHost support team make sure your website fast, secure and always up running, so your visitors and search engines will always trust you. Guaranteed.