Web Hosting 12 Clear Reasons You Need to Consider

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Ali Krasht

Ali Krasht is a technologist and the founder and CEO of NovellHost, one of the fastest growing independent web hosts in the United States and around the world. Ali has been working online since 1996 and has over two-decades experience in Internet Entrepreneurship & Design.

August 22, 2020

Clear Reasons for Understanding Web Hosting Services

There are multiple web hosting choices on the internet you can choose from.
You might be asking yourself, why should I choose NovellHost web hosting service?

Yes and that is a good question!

You would want to consider NovellHost web hosting for the following reasons.

Instances or Web Servers

Our servers are from Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Linode, etc. Unlike the other web hosting service providers, you would have your own server or instance with an IP address dedicated to your server.


If you are the type of person or company that you need to speak with customer support or resolve any server or website issue then look no further than NovellHost for your business. NovellHost currently hosts a wide variety of domains worldwide, and they have an excellent customer support team. if you have a question, trouble with something, or a concern, just go ahead and contact NovellHost. NovellHost’s incredible support team will be there to help you with anything you need at all hours. NovellHost is an excellent choice, and we highly recommend that you choose NovellHost!

Care Plan

Novellhost also provides basic maintenance for your site, regularly updating plugins and performing basic security.

Money-Back Guarantee Policy

Most hosting companies have a money-back guarantee policy, but with NovellHost, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee on VPS and standard servers. Anytime, within the first 30 days, you can cancel and get a refund no questions asked. Just one of the many reasons why you should choose NovellHost.


We take pride in what we built and respect customer privacy and data, so we have built a platform where all customer data is stored offsite with PCI Compliant payment processors.

When choosing a web hosting provider you should consider what information and data they have stored about you. At NovellHost we have your server IP for identification and all other customer data are located at the payment PCI compliant processing company like Stripe and Paypal.

We built NovellHost from the ground up with our proprietary software with privacy in mind. You do not have to login to any account to access your server. As long as you maintain your subscription you own your server and you can cancel at any time.


when looking for a hosting provider, you want to make sure you get a hosting company that is not only affordable but has excellent service and customer support. NovellHost hosting is cost-effective. You can get NovellHost hosting with servers starting at $20 a month. NovellHost’s affordable hosting prices, it is just another of the many reasons why we recommend you choose NovellHost for your hosting needs. They have a bunch of hosting Plans to choose from consisting of monthly or yearly hosting.

Excellent free features

These features include a one-click server, CentOS Web Panel, SSL Certificate, and WordPress install. If you will be using WordPress for your site, we provide web hosting servers with ample disk space and bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and FTP accounts, Secure Shell, SSL Certificate, FTP, Stats, CGI, Ruby Perl, PHP, MySQL, 24/7 Phone, Chat and Email Support.


When choosing a web hosting provider, it’s important to make sure the hosting provider is user-friendly and has excellent support staff.

CentOS Web Panel

NovellHost uses the most popular CentOS Web Panel that you can get today. I’ve provided a screenshot of the NovellHost Control Panel. With its clean design, it makes building sites and blogs a breeze regardless of whether you are a novice at making websites.

Also, you can easily edit your files, databases, accounts, domains, etc. One of the things that are great about NovellHost’s CentOS Web Panel is it includes Simple Scripts.

Simple Scripts

NovellHost offers a simple script after checkout to either install a server, WordPress, SSL, or CWP panel. Simple Scripts is a one-click script installer that makes installing applications such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal quick and easy through CWP. Basic Scripts make it a simple procedure to introduce your websites utilizing WordPress which is one of the most well-known web applications that is utilized today for building sites and blogs.

Fast Page Loading Speed

An important thing to consider when you are choosing a web hosting provider is the web server hosting loading speed. picking a web hosting provider is that page speed is presently a positioning variable that the significant web crawlers like Google and Bing use when ranking sites. You want to make sure your website loads quickly. By having a moderate load time on your website likely clients and guests will desert your site before they get the opportunity to perceive what product, service, or offer you have to help them with.

99.9% Uptime

Along with the great speed that NovellHost offers, we also guarantee all their customers a 99.9% uptime. At almost all times NovellHost has 100% uptime. A great deal of hosting providers today state that they ensure 99.9% uptime, however, they fail on delivering on a guarantee. As you can expect this can be disappointing for clients utilizing their web hosting services as this can cost organizations bunches of lost deals or bringing readers back.

If you’re looking for expert help choosing a server or maintaining your website, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at NovellHost.com.